Piotr Evdokimov

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Publications: Higher-order Learning, with Umberto Garfagnini Forthcoming, Experimental Economics (2021)
Communication and Behavior in Organizations: An Experiment, with Umberto Garfagnini Quantitative Economics, Volume 10, Number 2, May 2019, 775-801
Third-party Manipulation of Conflict: An Experiment, with Umberto Garfagnini Experimental Economics, Volume 21, Issue 1, March 2018, 27-49
Forward Induction: Thinking and Behavior, with Aldo Rustichini JEBO, Volume 128, August 2016, 195-208.

Working Papers:
Parallel Markets in School Choice (with Mustafa Oguz Afacan, Rustamdjan Hakimov, and Bertan Turhan (2021)
Myopia and Randomness in Choice (2021)
Personality and Bargaining Power, with David Rahman (2021)
Delayed Review in Repeated Relationships (2017). Reject and Resubmit, GEB.